I Need a Coach

What life change would you make if you knew you could not fail? What personal or performance improvement would you make if you had the resources available to you? What old chapter in your life story are you ready to close and what new chapter are you eager to begin writing?

Far too many people live in the “what if” or “if only” prison of life. How many people do you know that get to the later years having stored away a boat-load of regrets, false starts and failed attempts? Life happens. We make mistakes. We miss opportunities. We change our direction. We overcome obstacles. We move on.

At New Life University we believe that life is to be explored and enjoyed, not endured. We think life’s a dance, not a drudgery. You were made for a purpose and for passion, not to plod away the years wishing you could do better. You may need a gentle nudge. You might need a swift kick in the seat of the pants. You probably need a coach to walk along beside you and cheer you on as you reach for your full potential, enjoy your best life and make the course corrections you desire. Not only do we believe in positive Christian Life Coaching and Godly Pastoral Counseling, we believe that the whole “body, soul, and spirit” should be ministered to. We offer and train coaches who emphasize diet, physical fitness, who deal with the inner-healing of our past, who minister to the entire person. Mentor, coach, discipler, find the help you need here.

Choose Your Path

Your coaching relationship begins with a free initial consultation. In a thirty minute phone session we will examine your desires, clarify your coaching objectives and answer your questions. You will have every opportunity to determine if coaching is right for you and which plan will best meet your needs. Schedule your free initial interview today by emailing us at coaching@branchesrecoverycenter.com or call me at (615) 904-7170.

Choose Your Partner

Coaches and Clients are as diverse as fingerprints. We all have different strengths, tastes, and talents. We are pleased to offer a well-trained, deeply dedicated staff of NLU Trained Coaches so that you can be sure of integrity, interest, and an investment in you. We encourage you to email several of the coaches on our staff, even making the free initial consultation with more than one, before you decide which New Life Coach to work with. Go to our STAFF page and meet some of the finest men and women in the world.

Choose Your Program

Positive Coaching

The normal coaching relationship will be three weekly phone sessions each month. Sessions last thirty to forty-five minutes each and begin with a status update, explore challenges, opportunities and possibilities, and end with a time of clearly stated action steps. These sessions are fun, upbeat and incredibly empowering.
Usually coaching sessions are scheduled on a monthly basis but planned quarterly.
Positive Coaching includes email support as needed between sessions and phone calls for clarification on occasion. The investment for Positive Coaching is $275 per month.

Purpose, Passion, and Planning

This is a 5 week, pre-determined program to jump start your life from any situation. An amazing curriculum, written and developed by our staff is presented in workbook and DVD form. You will work through five, life changing chapters then review your work with a weekly 30 minute coaching session. The material is yours to keep and use over and over again. You will be energized, enthused, and educated about where to go next to discover the purpose God has for you. The PURPOSE, PASSION, AND PLANNING material and coaching program is $399. (For a free introduction sign up at www.branchesblog.com)

Transformational Coaching

From time to time crisis or change creates the opportunity for positive life transformations. Sessions are scheduled weekly but planned a month at a time and are centered around a single life event or personal decision. Transformational Coaching is highly intentional and focused to make “lemonade out of lemons.” This “ala carte” coaching is perfect for tune-ups or emergency circumstances and is $125 per session.