What is Christian Coaching?

Coaching is a relationship. It is a synergy between listener and searcher to create change, growth and performance at a higher level. Coaches help people discover purpose and meaning, and experience maximum performance in all areas of life. Coaches help people move from potential to action, from dreaming to doing, from seeming to being. Christian Coaches recognize that this can only be done by the leadership of the Holy Spirit and under the authority of the Word of God. Christian Coaches help move people from where they are to where God wants them to be.

What do Coaches Do?

Coaches listen, aggressively. They imagine and explore. Coaches hear where you are and where you have been and then help you say where you need to go. Coaches encourage, challenge and motivate. Your coach will help you develop an action plan after each meeting and then hold you accountable as you work your plan.

  • A good coaching relationship produces power for change. There is a confidence and courage created in the client that is found in few other relationships. Questioning, challenging, clarifying and empowering, the coach helps the client find the power to change.
  • A good coaching relationship develops tools for excellence. The client and coach together pursue deeper understandings and use inspired imagination to explore options, evaluate risks, and calculate the skills needed to perform at peak levels.
  • A good coaching relationship establishes honesty. A clearer picture of the circumstances, a frank appraisal of objectives and a positive but realistic examination of performance help the client become all that he or she desires to be. Honest, caring conversation between coach and client makes this possible.
  • Finally, a good coaching relationship surrounds the client with positive energy. Support and encouragement are the natural gifts of a good coach. With an assurance that there is someone who believes the best about him or her, the client is excited about attempting what before has seemed impossible.

Where Does Coaching Work?

Everywhere. Anywhere. In any area of life that you desire to be better, perform more effectively, or accomplish more coaching can help. Job. Life Purpose. Parenting Skills. Money Management. Marriage and Family. Career Change. Ministry Focus. All of these are ideal prospects for creative coaching. The benefits of a good coaching relationship are limited only  by our imagination and our willingness to endeavor to be our best.

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