New Life University Cost Worksheet

NLU requires a $100 non-refundable application fee which must accompany the completed enrollment packet.  Tuition is $275 per course and is due no less than 15 days before the term begins.  Tuition may be paid by credit card or check.  There is a $20 fee for all returned checks.

In addition to tuition, the student will be assigned to a clinical supervisor for a total of six hours. The fee for clinical supervision is $50 per hour and is paid directly to the supervisor.  Counseling students will be required to complete temperament profiles at a cost of $30 per report.  Once a student becomes a Certified Temperament Counselor, the student may charge for administering the profiles to clients as a means of reimbursement. 

  • Final graduation will require membership in the NCCA.  The application fee is $100. (Annual membership dues for the NCCA is currently $50)
  • Ministerial credentialing will require commissioning by New Life Ministerial Association, unless done through a local congregation.  Contact your advisor for more information.

Actual costs may vary based on specific student needs, the addition of required courses based on academic history, and desire for degree completion by the student.

Year 1

Application Fee – $100

5 Courses @ $275 each – $1375

10 APS Profiles @ $30 each – $300

3 Hours Supervision @ $50 each – $150

SACC Membership – $75

NCCA membership – $50

First Year Cost – $2050

Year 2

5 Courses @ $275 each – $1375

15 APS Profiles @ $30 each – $450

3 Hours Supervision @ $50 – $150

NCCA Licensing Fee – $100

Second Year Cost $2075

Degree Programs

Additional Courses needed are $275/course

Matriculation Fee required for degree $1500

NCCA license upgrade fee $50

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