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Branches Recovery Centers

Our Mission

Our purpose is to be a Christ-led community of spiritual, emotional, and physical recovery and restoration for those broken by addiction, depression, and shame in Middle Tennessee and beyond.

Our Vision:

The vision for Branches is that both believer in the Body of Christ and non-believers should have access to quality mental health care from a deeply spiritual perspective. We bring together the very best of state licensed therapists with gifted pastoral counselors. While we have a set fee and certainly have costs to maintain the ministry, we never turn anyone away because of an inability to pay. We presently have 3 locations in Middle Tennessee and Branches at the Beach in St. Augustine, FL. We have an easy admissions process that begins with a phone call to our central office (615) 904-7170. From there your need will be assessed, the appropriate counselor assigned, and, if finances are an issue, an admissions counselor contacted. With a little more than one or two phone calls you can be on your way to emotional and spiritual wholeness. If you do not live near one of our facilities Branches is still an option for you.

Counseling Intensives

One week of very focused and intentional healing from depression, addiction, failure and shame.

Take the step to break free from the long and debilitating emotional struggle with depression, low self-worth, powerlessness, addiction and the guilt and shame that paralyze us.

50+ hours of therapy, groups, counseling, and worship,

Biblically based counseling by our well-trained staff, Support and recovery groups, EMDR, Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing, Temperament Assessment and Therapy, Spiritual Gifts Assessment and Discipleship Training.

Our INTENSIVE group is limited to 6 applicants so our intensives fill up quickly. For more information contact us at or call (615) 904-7170.

Download Intensive Application Packet (PDF)