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Books and Music from Mike and Doris Courtney

Mike Courtney is president and founder of Branches Recovery Center, a Christian non-profit counseling clinic in Murfreesboro, TN and New Life Coaching, Inc. He has over 25 years experience in the people changing field. Mike has spoken to, coached and challenged groups and individuals from Montreal to Mexico and from Idaho to Ireland. He is the author of Failure and How I Achieved It and has worked in the area of addiction recovery for several years. His style is gentle but direct, positive but practical. The sessions are fast-paced, fun but absolutely serious about helping people reach their full potential and discover their purpose in life. He has personally trained most of the New Life Coaches and delights in their tremendous gifts. Mike holds an MA from Trevecca University and is a member of the International Coaching Federation. Mike and Doris speak all across the country on brokeness and intimacy. To schedule Mike and Doris to speak at your church or event email or call (615) 904-7170. 

Laugh Lines: Lessons about Holding on and Letting Go

Failure And How I Achieved It

What do you say when a good man falls? How do you explain it when a godly mother chucks it all and walks away from faith and family? Can’t we just pray harder? What were they thinking? Is he crazy? Has she lost her mind?

Mike Courtney has fallen, failed and really fouled up, but he has also overcome, recovered and surrendered his life and his failure to God. His book reminds us that falling is not fatal and failure is not final. In fact, it is often in our greatest failures that God is able to do His most powerful work.


This powerful workbook and 5 chapter DVD will lead you through a jump-starting program that will change your life. Whether you are a young person trying to find God’s plan for your life or a retiree facing a career change. PURPOSE, PASSION, AND PLANNING will help you discover your deepest desires, recognize your God given abilities, and focus your activities to do the next right thing. Sold as a stand alone study or with a coaching program this is a must DO for anyone facing change.

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