Becoming a Pastoral Counselor

The mission of New Life University is to provide quality training that brings together the best of Biblical counseling and secular education. We believe that counseling is the new evangelism, that hurting, broken people are a harvest field in need of the healing power of God and His church. By training godly counselors NLU is not only living out its own mission but fulfilling the Great Commission. NLU training benefits anyone who desires to help others, make a difference in their world, and live out the call of Christ to reach the lost, heal the brokenhearted, and care for the hurting in our world.

The 2 year NLU program offers credentialing for pastoral counselors through the National Christian Counselors Association. The NCCA certification/licensing program is not to be identified nor confused with state licensing in any way. It is intended for a person who wants to practice as a servant of the Body of Christ. The authority to counsel while recognized by the State is granted by the Church. In addition to the training offered by NLU, the NCCA requires a ministerial credential to complete the program.

NLU is an educational and training organization for Christian counselors. New Life includes ministers, professional Christian counselors, testing specialists, medical doctors, attorneys and educators. The staff of NLU has committed themselves to the Lord Jesus Christ and believes that counseling is vain, unless it is founded upon, and directed by, the Word of God.

Each class is $275 with some additional fees required for Temperament testing, etc. The fullĀ  explanation of enrollment is on Enrollment page and included in the New Life University Catalogue.


  • Creation Therapy
  • Basic Christian Life Coaching
  • Temperament Therapy
  • Mastering Pastoral Counseling
  • Temperament Case Studies
  • Christian Psychology and Counseling
  • Counseling the Co-dependent
  • Suicide Prevention
  • And two elective classes

Download the NLU Catalogue and Information Packet (PDF)
Download the NLU Application (PDF)