“My health gets in the way of my dreams.” “I wish I could break away from the demons of my past and move to the future.” “I need to just get off the couch and DO SOMETHING!”

What life change would you make if you knew you could not fail? What personal or performance improvement would you make if you had the resources available to you? What old chapter in your life story are you ready to close and what new chapter are you eager to begin writing?

Far too many people live in the “what if” or “if only” prison of life. How many people do you know that get to the later years having stored away a boat-load of regrets, false starts and failed attempts? Life happens. We make mistakes. We miss opportunities. We change our direction. We overcome obstacles. We move on.

Two concepts collide in the dreaming and doing of New Life University. The first is summed up in Paul’s words to us in I Thessalonians 5:23, “May the God of peace sanctify you through and through. I pray that your whole BODY, SOUL, and SPIRIT be preserved blameless.” God is interested in the whole person, physical, emotional, and spiritual. The second concept is that we are called, again by Paul, “to become all things to all men.” We believe that the Ministry of Mentoring, physically, emotionally, and spiritually, not only makes people better but creates the opportunity to reach the lost for Christ.

We offer both help and training in a variety of life areas at New Life University, physical wholeness, career development, and spiritual freedom. Our mentors are well trained, deeply committed and genuinely compassionate men and women who desire to turn the stuck places in your life into amazing entry points for the work of God in your life.

We offer mentors in these arenas:

  • Physical fitness, training, and eating for health
  • Career development God’s way
  • Inner-Healing and becoming a person of God